A Full Process of Giving Back


Simply put, because everything is connected and what we do matters. The global demand for fast fashion and cheaper products is disrupting our oceans and displacing our beloved animals. We couldn't say we wanted to help protect animals while selling products which directly harm them and their homes! Making everything Beyond the Backpack does sustainable is our way of combating the catastrophic effects human consumption is having to the environment and the animals living in it.

Our mission is twofold; save animals and protect the environment. We create products made from recycled plastic bottles and use the profits to fund our animal rescue volunteer program. When you purchase our products you will be directly supporting our efforts to fight the negative effects of fast fashion. We believe you can have fun, travel-friendly clothing while supporting a global cause! We are Beyond the Backpack.

Our Love for Animals

Beyond the Backpack's sole purpose is to help save animals. The effects humanity is having on the eco system is leaving many animals in serious peril. That is why 100% of the profits from every sale are donated to animal conservation and the fight to save endangered wildlife. Ethical clothing and sustainable fashion driving our mission. By sourcing fair trade clothing it's a full process of giving back. We're serious about making a difference. It's not an advertising strategy, or marketing ploy. It's the whole point. And that's why we've committed to giving.


Global Giving - Volunteering on the Front Lines


We're proud to partner with three animal conservation organizations which rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. Through our one of a kind volunteer program, we are able to partner with these amazing organizations to provide what they need most. Unlike humanitarian work, animal conservation doesn't receive any government funding or job creation. Our volunteer program gives time and money, what they desperately need. We're proud to support the front lines and the incredible work they do. They're heroes in our book.

Making Clothes from Plastic Bottles

Cotton is by the far the most popular and cheapest fabric. But the amount of water and energy it takes to make cotton and most fabrics is astronomical. The crops devastate the land and the pesticides used are deadly for plant and animal.

That's when we learnt of a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Plastic is everywhere. Polluting, poisoning and never going away. It's turning our trash into threads. Using less water and energy than most fabrics. It cleans our earth and oceans, reducing the risk of killing animals. The perfect complement to our cause.


Ethical - One People

Animals and humans alike should never have to face exploitation. Production takes place in an ethical factory where workers are treated with respect, and paid properly for their work. Human and animal cruelty free.
We've vetted where we source from to ensure it meets our standards, so we can proudly say that we make not only eco-friendly clothing, but ethical clothing as well. The fast fashion industry is one of the worst on the planet, and only being fair trade and sustainable can combat that. In the end, all beings should be able to live wild and free. And happy.