behind the logo

When we started thinking about a logo, we really wanted something which would embody all the things we stand for and hold dear. It took more than a few attempts, but when we saw our designer and friend Stefan Mouttet came up with, it was worth the wait. 

The interconnectedness of everything on earth is symbolized by the map of the world in the tree. None of the parts of the tree can survive without each other; no different from us and our world. We can't try to help animals while ignoring the environment, or the effect of every single one of our actions. Everything matters. That's why we try to make everything we do earth-friendly.

Drawn into the world map tree are 14 different animals. Some are easily visible like the birds and the butterflies. Others are much more intertwined and less visible. These animal representations are what really set this logo apart and added the main purpose of Beyond the Backpack...animals. It also gives a cool interactive element trying to find all the animals. Everyones brains sees things differently, similar to how we interpret shapes in the clouds. What do you see?

Finally the map signifies our love for travel and exploring the amazing planet we live on. We were inspired on our travels, by our travels to be more than just travellers. To make sure the the wonders sights and wonderful creatures survive through the years to inspire others. To go beyond the backpack.

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