Our Story

Our story began when animal and travel lover Micah Teixeira was returning home from a volunteer trip at a monkey and manatee sanctuary. He always had a passion for helping animals, but it was here he realized he wanted to make a bigger difference. 

Things have changed since our inception in 2017, but the mission is the same. Every item sold funds animal conservation. All the profits are donated to our animal charity partner. Our cause is the foremost goal and that will always be to raise money and awareness for animals.

We strive to make anything we do sustainable and ethical, from eco friendly clothing to handmade bracelets. Everything we do matters, and it is all connected to each other. We can proudly say Beyond the Backpack is an ethical clothing company specializing in sustainable fashion. A world living in harmony that doesn't need saving. That's something worth fighting for. 


Behind the Logo

Animal Earth Tree LogoWhen we started developing a logo, we really wanted something which would embody all the things we stand for as one of the eco friendly brands. It took a few attempts, but it was worth the wait. 

The interconnectedness of everything on earth is symbolized by the map of the world in the tree. None of the parts of the tree can survive without each other. We can't help animals while ignoring the environment, or the effect of every single one of our actions.

Drawn into the world map tree are 14 different animals. Some are easily visible, others are much more intertwined. Everyone sees things differently, similar to how we interpret shapes in the clouds. What do you see?

Finally the map signifies our love for travel and exploring the amazing planet we live on. We were inspired on our travels, to be more than just travellers. To go beyond the backpack.

The Beginning