Volunteer Program

At the heart of Beyond the Backpack is what truly inspired us, volunteering while travelling. Volunteering at an animal conservation organization has a profound impact on your life, and the impact you have on the lives of the animals is immeasurable.

Volunteering provides both time and money, the two things most needed by animal organizations. Time from the actual volunteers working there, and money from the volunteer fees which cover the expenses of the volunteer with the remaining money going to the care of the animals. By providing volunteers to one of our animal conservation partners, we're able to have an even bigger impact than only donating money.

And the most exciting part of our program? The funded volunteer giveaway where we cover your expenses to work at one of the rescue centres! It's a stringent application process to ensure you're right for the rescue centre and no doubt there will be plenty of competition. But it will be the opportunity of a lifetime to help save and protect endangered animals working one of the most fulfilling positions you'll ever have.

If you're not one of lucky ones selected for the funded positions, you'll still be able to volunteer with us through regular channels. Getting a volunteer spot at these rescue centres is often difficult due to the number of applicants they get, but as their partners we can help there.

Learn about where you would be volunteering at our wildlife rescue and sanctuary organization partners.

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